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Our Work

Over 40 transport wheelchairs were delivered to Rushere Community Hospital in 2018. A number of them were equally distributed to other local community centers in the area. Immobile patients can now navigate in and around the hospital with ease.
ONE hospital wheelchair was replaced by over 40 newer wheelchairs through IHCS.
Patient using a donated wheelchair by IHCSInc at the Community Hospital (RCH) in Uganda
Over 200 Walkers came in handy to patients who were not able to walk without support. These replaced One for all that was in the Community Hospital. Other walkers will be distributed to the needy community health centers in the area.
The hospital had only ONE of each equipment that were too old to function. Thanks to IHCS, Inc. for the donations of 40 wheelchairs and 200 walkers to poor communities in the region.
Hospital mattresses and air mattresses for patients with wounds and ulcers
Semi-electric hospital beds unloaded, waiting for placement in the general ward
About 300 pairs of crutches were donated to help patients under physical therapy and rehab. Many more crutches were distributed to other health centers.
Rushere Community Hospital can now use Infusion Pumps and Monitors. Different medications and IVF can safely be administered to patients.
Patient at RCH receiving intravenous fluid therapy
Donated beds and their linen, including bedside chairs for family or guests
Some of the old beds that were replaced by semi-electric beds at RCH
Nurse learning how to use the air mattress
Donated Equipment for Patient Use
Some orthopedic supplies for use at rehab department
Mother receives a commode to be used by by her daughter suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS)
Instructing the use of semi-electric bed to BOT
Instructing some of the hospital officials how to use an air mattress
Hospital Nurse learning how to use a Hoyer Lift
Nursing and medical books were among the donations of IHCS to RCH; a library will soon be set up. Thanks to Regis College in Medford Mass for their book donations.
Shaking hands with Chairman BOT at RCH
Dr. Kibeende (VP, BOT), Barnabas Nkore (IHCS), Mr. Kamuhanda (C/M BOG), Dr. Kithula Medical (Director, RCH)