Education And Training


International Health Care Solutions, Inc., (IHCSinc) is a team of trained medical professionals who have always asked the question, What can we do to provide solutions to the current healthcare crisis we see around the world? “the sub-Saharan Africa region has a deficit of an estimated 1.8 million health workers, and this deficit is projected to grow to 4.3 million by 2035.” Abairdqz,


IHCSinc wants to face this problem head-on, our goal is to train as many phlebotomists world-wide to assist physicians with making a faster, more accurate diagnosis. A well-trained phlebotomist can obtain samples in the doctor’s office, the nursing home, the hospitals, the hospice units even at local companies where people commonly wouldn’t think of providing samples. We want to push the envelope to what is possible. We want countries to invest money in automating their laboratories, while we invest in educating their population.

We aim to deplore drones, mobile phlebotomy units, and teach the most well-skilled phlebotomists to become medical assistants eventually. To be a good phlebotomist, you have to understand anatomy, body language, people, and have the ability to memorize procedures that may seem monotonous. We all know that physicians depend heavily on lab tests to aid in the diagnosis of their patients.

Tammy Smith, M.D., MS

Project Lead in Education and Training

Medical Assistants:

Having a medical assistants on any medical teams will help the more scientifically prepared medical team members have more time with their patients. Routine procedures that nurses would typically engage in will be substantially, reduced. Kindly note, skilled medical assistants trained on providing injections, phlebotomy, giving medication, taking vital signs, and effectively obtaining patient history is invaluable to any healthcare team. Now nurses have more time to assist the physician with patients who may have adverse events related to complications associated with a disease or a reaction to the administration to some medicine.

Strong phlebotomy workforce with stronger medical assistant teams will alleviates some of the days to day functionality required by both nurses and physicians.

Medical Doctors:

IHCSInc wants to step in and train phyisicians on how to put their research findings into drug development and maintain a watchful eye on post-market surveillance of medicines which are indicated for patients in their therapeutic area. , We are driven by solutions; we don’t sit back and watch the angst of the world while twirling our thumbs. We push back in the fight to help patients receive quality care by teaching well-trained staff members on a medical team.


Our experts will train doctors to do research, monitor disease progression more effectively in their patient population, and attend medical symposiums. Once physicians are free to think more freely, without the added pressure of exhaustion of doing phlebotomy and medical assistant work.


With our international team of medical professionals, not only do we train staff, but are also engage in project management, we don’t offer our resources and leave our clients wondering once we go, what do we do next now that they’re gone; we follow through until the data reflect concrete improvements in our predetermined goals!


Tammy Smith, M.D., MS
Project Lead in Education and Training