Founders Story

Founder Story

Going to Uganda in 2016 was a life-changing experience for me,” Barnabas Nkore fist saw a looming healthcare problem in Uganda when he visited his home-based healthcare facilities; Rwengiri HC3, Bugangari HC4 and Rushere Community Hospital, all facilities in South Western Uganda. This was after staying in the US for 16years working as a Registered Nurse.


He was shocked by what he found. The aspiring nurse decided that he will embark on a Mission to contribute towards improving healthcare delivery services by registering a Non- profit organization IHCSInc whose purpose and main objective would work to Transform Healthcare Delivery to Developing Parts of the World; One community at a time.


What Barnabas found in these three healthcare facilities was a seemingly endless stream of a sick population suffering from easily preventable problems like, diarrhea, respiratory infections, scabies, malnutrition, motorcycle injuries, malaria, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, neonatal sepsis and other infections, to mention but a few. These patients too often, died for lack of basic diagnostic, lab and medical treatment.

The conditions of over crowdation, lack of sanitation, hygiene, clean water supply, lack of basic medical equipment and supplies, was not only frustrating to the overwhelmed healthcare workers, but they had delayed meagre salaries for three months. These and some other untold serious problems lead to compromised quality of care in rural sub Saharan Africa.


July 2017 this story was told to a group of generous people who pledged to answer my call of forming IHCSinc.


2017-2018 the organization received overwhelming support of medical equipment donations that were delivered to Uganda in November 2018.These equipment would include;30 semi electric hospital beds,matresses,40 wheel chairs,300 walkers,500 pairs of crutches,microscope,10 IV pumps,2 defibulators,feeding pumps, bedside chairs,hospital linen;bedsheets,blankets,scrubs,jounies,towels,high toilet sits, vital sign machines, orthopedic supplies,400 nursing reference text books, Hoyer lifts, oxygen machines/tanks etc.


We are now preparing to return with another 40foot container full of medical equipment this year as fulfillment to achieving our goal.


Please don’t dump or throw away medical equipment to the landfills. We will gladly receive your generous donations both in money and medical equipment by calling us or clicking the donation button.