Women Youth and Children


“Children will always be children” whether health or sick. As a healthcare provider, children in hospitals can benefit from play too. In many Low- and Middle-Income Countries, we tend to forget that when children are hospitalized, they still need to play with the little energy they have. We need to provide them with the support they need to continue being playful even when they are sick. Sick children who have started school also can continue their education when hospitalized. Staff, space and school materials can be added to the pediatric ward’s essentials. Our organization aims to add this component of care to the pediatric ward of the hospital we support.


Let me start by saying many of us will understand “children are the future”. All of us will say quickly that we understand what this means. We can say we understand, but we can only show true understanding through our actions. That’s why I decided with my adolescence coming to an end, and reaching adulthood with each passing day to use each day to its full extent. That’s why I want to work to help kids who lack the resources. The resources to succeed that many of us take for granted. I’m many of the lucky few who have parents who taught me the definition of hard work, hope, and resilience. These children around the world are being neglected, and all for the fact they cannot control the life they were born into. Although, we can aid them to a bright future full of equal opportunity, and that’s why I’m truly thankful for finding an organization such as this one that allows me to fuel my passion.